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The Wanderers (The Wind of Life #2) by Oliver Neubert

The Wanderers - Oliver Neubert

i still love this book
i don't know why
but it may be dying for more to read or know what happen
when i got to the end i was not happy 
because i didn't want it to end i want to know what happen next
i love rider as i love timo 
rider is so different from the other
but the only problem is i just never understand rider father thorn
thorn had been pain in the azz 
pardon my word
i have to said what it is on mind and i can't help it
for net
net should had her chance before she went to get her cloak
if i remember that correctly
net need to tell rider how she freaking feel or before it is too late
you never know what might happen 
eek i can't wait to read the book
i got to know what happen between timo and rider
how did they react when they saw each other
reading this book really is getting to me right now
im just going crazy thinking about what happen next
thank for lending me this book