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Patches Of Grey by Roy L. Pickering Jr.

Patches Of Grey - Roy L. Pickering Jr., Erin Rogers Pickering

omfg this book is so amazing i fell in luv with it i told my friend about this book and she reading it nw this book is so sad, understanding, and faith i feel bad 4 cj's death i was shocked when i found out he died he did this 2 saved his gf the one who care with all his heart and died from it told her 2 remember that he will alwayz luv her which was so emotional as 4 tony i dnt mind him bein with a white girl is doesnt matter wat the color of the skin u in is who u r this book really open my eyes a lot , just couldnt put the book down until i kno wat happen 

i want 2 thanx 4 the author writing this book and gave it away 2 me i really enjoy this book im glad i chose this book :) :)