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I Am J by Cris Beam

[I AM J] BY Beam, Cris (Author) Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (publisher) Hardcover - Cris Beam

Wow, this book just amazing. I have never knew it was just open my eyes as I read word to words along this book. I can't imagine that this is how they would feel about themselves and how other just bully them. If I met J, I would be friend with him and just to get to know him for he really is. Let me go back to the beginning when I first started reading this book. At first, I was a little confused, because J called himself a boy and every words have a he instead of she (some she). And that when I knew that I understood what is what happening once I keep on reading it. J was born a girl but he a man. It happen to some people and I have never met one in my life before. I have no disrespect to GLBT. I respect them, because they are human being like us. I really enjoy reading this book so far.