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Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen

Keeping the Moon - Sarah Dessen

Wow! What can I said about this book? The only thing that I can said is I freaking effing love it. I feel like I can related to this book or the character. I think Colie is my favorite character, which is the character that I can related, because she let nothing stand in her way. Even though she some weight and stay fit because someone called her she fat, a slut, and so on. All these years she keep it to herself and finally told Norman about it that she never told anyone else. I knew I like Norman when I start reading this book and I knew that maybe he like her as well. Norman is really a nice guy and made Colie's life more peaceful. Sarah Dessen still did it again. Where is she when you still need her? This book really amazed me and make me want to reach for my goal no matter what.