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That Summer by Sarah Dessen

That Summer - Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen done it again. She is like my favorite authors ever since I pick her books and start reading it. This book is really amazing and kind of shocking that I could hardly believe while I was reading it. For a second there I thought maybe Sumner was a nice guy, but I knew he was too good to be true. Haven have got to be one of my favorite character, of course she is the lead character in the book. But Haven is amazing, I was shocked when she threw that ugly shoes at the lady who was being rude to her and threw the shoes at her head. I didn't know Haven was going actually do that. She really have changed a lot, because so many pressure on shoulders. I wondering what ever happen to Gwendolyn if I spell correctly. What happen to her after she bump into Haven in the middle of the bad weather? I really want to meet this author who wrote this book and other books as well. I miss it, because she was in my hometown in Memphis at The Booksellers At Laurelwood while I was in college. I wasn't happy, but soon one day I will get my chance to meet her.

Sarah Dessen the amazing author!