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Hunger (The Vampire Legacy #1 & 2) by Karen E. Taylor

Hunger - Karen E. Taylor

omg this book is so freaking awesome 
i thank for this person for giving me this book
i love book 2 because you get to see your maker's past
book one was okay but really interesting
i was shock when max want to die for so long
that the part i couldn't understand that when he start to explain 
omg i understand why
is like max just make my heart feel so crazy 
all he ever want was to die and be at peace
is like there a part of him that that are human and other part of him they are cover in the mask
max is my #1 character although he even put that woman life in hell 
but still he is so freaking awesome
in my mind im surprised that sam is not part of the carde 
i thought he was as i kept reading pages from pages 
bt i was wrong 
i was wondering what is sam doing when he realized that vampire existed 
<3 <3 <3