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Her Sister's Shadow by Katharine Britton

Her Sister's Shadow - Katharine Britton

omg hw can i say this bout this book this book is so freaking amazin sad yes bt shockin when i read the beginnin i thought bea was the pain in the butt i alwayz thought she was tryin 2 ruin lillia's life bt i was wrong she was protecting her the whole time and reading the middle bout izzy was really puzzlin when lillia and bea describe izzy i thought hmm maybe she is lillia's daughter which i was defintly right hw hello duh it keep describing that izzy more creative in art just like lillia was cuz there is defintly no way she the daughter of charlotte becuz she cook alot and it describe izzy bout cookin just art that hw i knew it was her daughter readin at the end i thought i will read more than that like is lillia is ever goin tell izzy that she her ownn daughter or soomethin like that bt that ok becuz this book is really gud :)