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The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

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Review: Wow! What can I said about this book, beside that I love it. But this book is not like exactly from the movie that I seen. I really like this book and I have always adore Lestat. I have never expect the red hair twins have so much anger in themselves. Because Queen Akasha have made their life a living hell. Jesse is amazing person but she just want to know so bad in her own way. Like she trying to figure out the puzzle and what was the connection. I'm not shocked that Jesse kissed Lestat at the concert and tasted his blood from his sweat. To be honest, I think is weird that vampire sweat are only blood. I know their tears is in blood, but never the sweat. I understand that Lestat seem to have feeling for the Queen, but he is going have to learn to let it go. Maybe later on he will meet someone special in his life, even though he such a little devil.