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Journey to Topaz: A Story of the Japanese-American Evacuation by Yoshiko Uchida, Yushiko Uchida

Journey To Topaz: A Story Of The Japanese-American Evacuation - Yoshiko Uchida, Yushiko Uchida

wow this book seem very interesting but a little bit sad though
i like yuki
because she have so much hope
it was sad that the japanese was forced to leave their home and live in the camp
i thought that was stupid as first
they're human beings like everyone else
but some people can't seem to see or understand that
this book were required to read for my class

The Blue Girl (Newford, #15) (Newford #15) by Charles de Lint

The Blue Girl - Charles de Lint

i fell in luv with it

Patches Of Grey by Roy L. Pickering Jr.

Patches Of Grey - Roy L. Pickering Jr., Erin Rogers Pickering

omfg this book is so amazing i fell in luv with it i told my friend about this book and she reading it nw this book is so sad, understanding, and faith i feel bad 4 cj's death i was shocked when i found out he died he did this 2 saved his gf the one who care with all his heart and died from it told her 2 remember that he will alwayz luv her which was so emotional as 4 tony i dnt mind him bein with a white girl is doesnt matter wat the color of the skin u in is who u r this book really open my eyes a lot , just couldnt put the book down until i kno wat happen 

i want 2 thanx 4 the author writing this book and gave it away 2 me i really enjoy this book im glad i chose this book :) :)

Wrecker by Summer Wood

Wrecker - Summer Wood

this book is so amazing i just luv it when i started reading at the beginnig it was so funny, but at the end it was sad and enjoyable. i thank u for mailing this book to my hands, becuz without it i wouldnt know what it would be about.

Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles #1) by Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire  - Anne Rice

this book is freaking amazing when i first saw the movie i fell in luv with it bt the only i didnt kno it was made from a book hey dnt blame me i was just a kid and im too addicted reading vampires

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens

wow, this book put me in shocked at the end. i never knew Billy was so cold like that in the end, and John was protecting his daughter and grand daughter. as for Sandy, she too hard core no offense. it like she like to push Sara's button, which is so not cool. i respect Sara and her life, she figured things out in the end like who wanted to shoot his soon to be husband, Evan. maybe she should be a detectiv, becuz she figured out the case herself alone. thanx for the author for letting me, the deaf girl, reading this book!! :)

Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood: A Young Adult Whodunit by Kelli Sue Landon

Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood: A Young Adult Whodunit - Kelli Sue Landon

omfreaking this book is so freaking weird for me to read i just never knew a nice guy would actually do all that becuz of the one girl who been playin around with other guys that is freaking mess up and that the truth i thanx the author for letting this deaf girl read this creepy book woo i just got a chill

Hidden Heart by Camelia Miron Skiba

Hidden Heart - Camelia Miron Skiba

wow, this book is so freaking unbelivable. I love it. I just can't put the book down, until I know what happen next. Now his is why I love reading books. Thank you for the author giving the deaf girl the book. This book is just amazing.

The Wanderers (The Wind of Life #2) by Oliver Neubert

The Wanderers - Oliver Neubert

i still love this book
i don't know why
but it may be dying for more to read or know what happen
when i got to the end i was not happy 
because i didn't want it to end i want to know what happen next
i love rider as i love timo 
rider is so different from the other
but the only problem is i just never understand rider father thorn
thorn had been pain in the azz 
pardon my word
i have to said what it is on mind and i can't help it
for net
net should had her chance before she went to get her cloak
if i remember that correctly
net need to tell rider how she freaking feel or before it is too late
you never know what might happen 
eek i can't wait to read the book
i got to know what happen between timo and rider
how did they react when they saw each other
reading this book really is getting to me right now
im just going crazy thinking about what happen next
thank for lending me this book

I'll Scream Later by Marlee Matlin

I'll Scream Later - Marlee Matlin


this book is so freaking amazing and i love it but i never knew about her dark past this book just amazed me from reading it marlee matlin is amazing actress and i love her from my favorite show switched at birth

The Vampire Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles #2) by Anne Rice

The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice

omg this book is so magnificent freaking genius i just couldnt put the book down until i read at the end oh god how much i luv lestat he is my favorite character of all time and this book is different from the movie which i dont mind anne rice u did it again i cnt wait to read all the next books :)

Arizona (Beautiful Dead #2) by Eden Maguire

Arizona - Eden Maguire
OMG!!!! i luv this book this book is just so freakin amazing i can't wait 2 read about summer :)

Hunger (The Vampire Legacy #1 & 2) by Karen E. Taylor

Hunger - Karen E. Taylor

omg this book is so freaking awesome 
i thank for this person for giving me this book
i love book 2 because you get to see your maker's past
book one was okay but really interesting
i was shock when max want to die for so long
that the part i couldn't understand that when he start to explain 
omg i understand why
is like max just make my heart feel so crazy 
all he ever want was to die and be at peace
is like there a part of him that that are human and other part of him they are cover in the mask
max is my #1 character although he even put that woman life in hell 
but still he is so freaking awesome
in my mind im surprised that sam is not part of the carde 
i thought he was as i kept reading pages from pages 
bt i was wrong 
i was wondering what is sam doing when he realized that vampire existed 
<3 <3 <3

The Knowing (Gemini Women #1) by L.J. Charles

The Knowing - L.J. Charles

whoa this book is so crazy and i love it i just couldn't put the book down even though i have to do my skoolwork but i have to say i love this book i want to thank the author for writing this book and giving me this book to read i gave my friend to read the beginning of the book and she want to read it she starting to like it

The Flyers (The Wind of Life #1) by Oliver Neubert

The Flyers - Oliver Neubert

omg omg omg i thank the author for giving me this book and giving me the chance to read this i am way addicted to what happen next i was shocked when i read this book this book just make me go crazy and exciting at the same time when i read it to the end i was pissed because i want to know what happen more like are they safe will they be one again like in the oldies days eek i want those two book im hunger for it

so thank you OLIVER NEUBERT for giving me, the deaf girl, this first book i have falling love with it 

:D <3 :D <3 :D <3

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa

The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa
Wow! What can I said about this book. This book is amazing and I love every pages of it. I keep reading til I know what happen next. I have to said that Allison is my favorite character, I like her attitude. She sound so bad azz and I would love to meet her in person if she were real. I would defiantly chose katana as my weapon, but I prefer two katana which is would be so much easier. When I got to the end where the part where she knew she have to leave Zeke and never come back, I kind of almost cried. Allison would do anything to save those humans no matter how long she tried. I can not wait to read the next book, and know what happen next. Just too exciting. :)